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    Thesera Injection Pen

Thesera Injection Pen

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This advanced micro injection pen has no needle and avoids any invasive, it adopts the pressure technology, bursting into nanoscale small molecules to penetrate the skin so as to achieve timely significant cosmetic effect.
You can put very small amounts of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, or other skinboosters to syringe, and then inject them into the deep dermis so as to beauty your skin.
After many times injections, you will see powerful result in skin, rejuvenation, brightening, moisture, youthful, getting the quality change on your skin.
Suitable for professional beauty salon use, also home use by yourself.
1. Take out the instrument and put it on the table.
2. Put the injection pen in the pressurizer.
3. Press the push rod down to the end and pressurized finish.
4. Remove the switch head and syringe from the sterile bag.
5. Connect the switch head to the syringe and tighten the reinforcement to the right.
6. Put the switch head into the bottle and use the piston to pull out of the required dosage.
7. Adjust the corresponding gauge line with the injection pen.
8. Tighten the syringe clockwise in the injection pen.
9. If there is a bubble in the syringe, gently tap it with your finger to make the bubble rise to the top.
10. Take the instrument vertically, rotate the bottom of the instrument to the right, shoot the gap and the air until the water drops on the syringe.
11. The instrument is aimed at the fixed point and the corresponding force, the injection is done by the injection key, use the medical cotton swab to press the needle eye for a minute, do not rub.

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