Steamer uap spray

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Better Circulation : Steamers cause blood vessels to dilate, which brings more blood to the skin's surface.
Because blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, an increased blood
flow to your facial skin promotes a soft, healthy glow.
Deep Cleansing: Facial steamers help get rid of impurities buried under the
steamers open pores, allowing skin to breathe and carry oil, dirt and other toxins to the surface here they can be washed away.
Recommended Distance between your face and the nozzle: 20-25cm (oily skin), 30-35cm (dry skin), 25-30cm (neutral or mixed skin), or 35cm (sensitive skin)

Rated power:350W
Rated frequency:50HZ
Apply to:Unisex
Fog time: 31-60 seconds
Function:For Face Cleaning Care