Rp 10.000

Hydration ,whitening ,relaxing an overnight mask pack Light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation.

Rp 95.000
Rp 80.000

isi Trial set :

1x Water Bank Essence_EX 10ml/0.3oz

1x Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX 10ml/0.3oz

1x Water Bank Gel Cream_EX 10ml/0.3oz

1x Water Bank Eye Gel 3ml/0.1oz

Rp 110.000

Mengangkat sisa sabun dan sel kulit mati membandel

Rp 225.000


  • Perawatan revolusioner ini dengan intens meregenerasi kulit anda
  • Meningkatkan metabolisme sel untuk mengenergi kulit
  • Mengisi ulang kelembapan & memelihara
  • Mencerahkan noda & meratakan nada kulit
  • Mencegah penampilan dari keriput & garis halus

* 88% of women experienced a noticeable difference in their skin after using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 28 days. (Galaxy Research - May 2007)

Rp 6.000

Serum Greentea Murni 100%

Diperkaya dengan kompleks Green Tea dan Green dari pulau Jeju murni. Teh Hijau Murni mengembalikan kelembaban, vitalitas dan kekenyalan kulit.

Terbuat dari 100% teh hijau organik

Rp 9.000

Gongjinhyang:Seol Brightening Cleansing Foam

A snow-white herb extracts foam cleanser that adds transparency to your skin. While the rich and fine foam of the water-soluble cleanser thoroughly removes impurities and sebum even from the skin's pores, its oriental medicine-based 'Chilhyangpalbaeksan' ingredients help keep the skin moist and clear.

[Gongjinhyang:Seol - Mild royal court whitening to keep skin fair and clear]

'Chilhyangpalbaeksan' and mother chrysanthemum extract have been added to protect the skin and enhance the internal functioning of the skin to provide care for concealed spots as well as skin dullness. It is an Oriental medicine-based whitening line for the fundamental resolution of skin problems.

Rp 9.000

The History of Whoo In Yang Sleeping Repair is an oriental herb over night pack that makes skin surprisingly soft and smooth by the next day as this dosage-type cream gets slowly and thoroughly absorbed into your skin. A court's secret Gongjin Bidam maintains healthier skin by filling skin with energy over night.

Rp 11.000

untuk memudarkan bekas jerawat/darkspot.

Rp 9.000

This premium essence helps skin to quickly absorb its light weight texture, evens out the uneven complexion and controls the oil imbalance. Hwahyun Essence nourishes your skin with unique aroma and texture, soften and tighten up your skin, efficatively delays the skin aging and turns the clock back in time for a younger looking skin.

Rp 9.000

Product Description

Brightening Get is a gomage-type peeling product that care the dead skin cells softly.

This enhances the clarity of the skin tone


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