Royal Gel For RF

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Ultrasonic Injection gel
❓APa beda nya dgn gel 50rb an?
bahan /kandungan didalamnya sis.. royal ini mempunyai extra collagen,whitening,dll
jd sebaiknya dikhususkan utk wajah.
kl utk body bisa pakai yg ultrasound 50rb an =) About Ultrasound:
Ultrasound is a high-level sound wave technology that penetrates deeper than the dermal layer. In the skin it increases the temperature of the surrounding tissue, thus increasing oxygenation to the cells, stimulating collagen protein and aiding in the removal of waste products. This is an anti bacterial cleansing action. It benefits the skin by stimulating blood circulation, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, clarifies acne and blemishes and can also eradicate irregular pigmentation and redness.