REVS Pro 32

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Kelembaban wajah lebih lama dibanding profhilo.

Woth it banget dicoba buat yg suka pakai profhilo.

Komposisi sama persis yah, pakai 2 molekul HA spt yg dipakai profhilo.


Ingredients : 32mg(H-HA) + 32mg(L-HA)

Efficacy : Skin rejuvenation (full face),

 Improvement of skin elasticity and

  restore skin thickness,

 Improvement of fine wrinkles around eyes (crow’s feet) or thin skin

  Rich hydration tro the skin

  Wrinkle reduction and boost in elasticity

  Improvement to skin density and skin tone

  Immediate radience to the skin

  Biocompatibility (safe to use, no side effects)

High and low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid combined into a single powerful formula for natural beauty

Skin Hydration —> Elasticity Improvement —> Radiant Lift