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    Lady Glue

Lady Glue

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● Setting Time: 2-3 Seconds to dry

● For Professional use only - Adhesive for Individual Eyelash Extensions 
- It is recommended for Professional use only. Since the glue dries quickly. 
Only Professionals can move very quickly to the next lash

● Lasting Period: 5-6 Weeks 
- Lady Glue is the strongest & most long lasting adhesive available in the Eyelash Extension industry. 
The bonding period between the natural lashes and the extensions is up to six weeks.

● Strong & Long Lasting Bonding - High Odor/ High Fumes

● Consistency: Liquid ? Watery 
- This glue is liquid in texture, so clumping is less likely. 
Professionals are able to get the right amount of glue on the extensions to obtain a perfect bond.

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