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    Jellys Serum

Jellys Serum

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An antioxidant which prevent tyrosinase enzyme and help the skin’s melanin to alter color from dark to light .
💗Alpha Arbutin
Helps improving skin tone and even tone out. Suitable for any type of skin as it is safe and has no side effect unlike Hydroquinone.
Helps with skin rejuvenation. Enriches the skin and reduce wrinkles and lines. Reduce skin age and protect skin from losing moisture. Improve skin elasticity and firmness. .
Protect skin from pollution. Tighten skin pores and helps with skin healing. Improve pores depth and make skin smoother. Reduce skin oil and extra residue. It also stimulate the creation of elastic and collagen under skin layer and effectively makes skin healthy and firm without being dried. 🌿Tea tree oil
Reduce skin inflammation and irritation. Remove any residue and dust from skin. Possess low-key anti bacteria potential.
As an antioxidant, honey is good for reducing facial lines. It returns moisture to the skin and help balance and smoothen skins for more inviting touch.
☘️Aloe Vera
Tighten skin pores and moisturized skin. Reduce skin inflammation and helps skin stay moisturized. It stimulates collagen creation and reduce dark spots.
🍊Vitamin C
Reduce dark spot and skin tone while helps tighten pores and improve skin tone naturally. 💛Ginseng
Helps condition skin to be firm and youthful. Smoothen and soften skin with moisturizing effect. Reduce wrinkles and prevent future lines. Stimulate new skin cell. .
Condition skin to be less greasy and tighten pores. Reduce dark spots and blemishes.

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