INNOTOX 50U liquid

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Innotox is the world’s first liquid injectable form of botulinum Toxin type A approved by KFDA in South Korea, 2013🇰🇷 ⠀

🗣 This product is not temperature sensitive as other brands. Storage them in the refrigerator if you will not use them anytime soon before opening.

Innotox 50U is a South Korean innovative product for smoothing mimic wrinkles on the face😀 ⠀

It helps to remove lines and fold in the areas of eyes, interbrow zone, forehead and around the mouth.
During the course of procedures, the effect of Innotox lasts up to 8 months, in contrast to other botulinum toxins, in which the effect lasts up to 4 months.

- Blepharospasm;
- Mimic wrinkles;
- Excessive sweating of palms and armpits (hyperhidrosis)

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