High Inj Skinbooster

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High Inj skinbooster

Harga tertera untuk 1 syringe

1box isi 3 syrine

Isi 2ml/syringe
Untuk kulit kusam, wrinkle awal, kering, bekas bintik hitam/jerawat.
Memutihkan dan meratakan warna kulit.
Dipakai menggunakan dermapen, dermapen Nano, hydra needle, meso gun,dermaroller,dermastamp ataupun injeksi intradermal.

High Inj. is a skin booster for biorevitalization from the South Korean company Huons Co., Ltd. Huons is one of the best pharmaceutical companies specializing in manufacturing injection solutions for cosmetic purposes.

Strengths of High Inj.:
effective against fine to medium wrinkles
the product can improve the appearance of aging skin

the product facilitates and accelerates surface regeneration of the skin after cosmetic procedures and UV-induced skin damage
prolonged and deep skin hydration
the product stimulates body’s own production of collagen and other essential components of the extracellular matrix
the product evens the skin tone and helps reducing pigmentation of various etiology.