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Fresh VC antioksidan serum

Rp 35.000
Rp 25.000
IDR 25000

Harga Grosir:
1 – 9Rp  25.000
10 – dstRp  22.500
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Serum extract, VC extract, vacuum packing in glass tubes


L-vitamin C is a specific form of vitamin C that can be absorbed directly by human skin. Can be absorbed into the skin's surface to resist free radicals by VC Hydrophilic and Lipophilic can increase collagen And dilute melanin tablets, freckles, dark spots and help repair the skin Make the skin clear, healthy, clear face, shiny face, Vc, concentrated head, no color, no flavoring, 90% effect In the case of rest, do not use cream The only Vc is


Usage & Dosage  :  Apply a little drops to the fingertips

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