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About Namaste Yoga

Look to the origin of your effort, not the results ~ Shunryu Suzuki

From the Namaste Yoga website.

Yoga is a living, breathing, changing tradition, taking root again and again, while spreading its branches in myriad forms. In Namaste, Kate Potter has developed her own new tradition, freeing the body to move in grace by making use of what she calls ‘Breath/Body Links’.

‘Hatha Vinyasa’, the style of Yoga upon which Namaste is based, means ‘moving with breath’. The breath is the guide and the body follows in time. In Namaste Kate begins each teaching with a link at heart center and adds poses sequentially. After each new addition we return to heart center and the link, beginning the sequence again. Breathing along with the music, written to the rhythm of Kate’s own breath, the body learns the sequence almost effortlessly.Both challenging and gentle, the sequences flow to the expert guidance of Kate’s calming voice. Breathtaking photography, hypnotic music and talented Yogis all give Namaste its elegant, irresistible charm and make it unlike any other yoga program.

The physical practice of Yoga is a prelude to meditation, clearing the mind, body and heart. Tune in each day and join us in this greeting, which has become synonymous with the practice of Yoga for millions of followers:

I greet you in the realm of no ego. Let us meet again in this realm.


Namaste Yoga Episode Guide

From the Namaste Yoga website.

Episode 1 Exalted Warrior
The Exaulted Warrior sequence is a standing series focused on moving through various warrior and triangle poses. This is a basic standing series with beginner / intermediate level of difficulty.

Episode 2 Sun-Moon
Learn Sun-Moon to balance the energy of right and left sides of the body. This is also provides an excellent hamstring and hip flexor stretch. Sun-Moon is a beginner / intermediate standing sequence

Episode 3 Firebird
Firebird starts out as a standing sequence and moves to the floor in a dynamic yet gentle flow. The emphasis is on increasing flexibility in the spine and hips. Firebird is a beginner level of difficulty.

Episode 4 Gate Opening
Gate Opening is a graceful flow using both strength and balance. In this sequence we increase upper body strength and flexibility of the shoulders. Gate Opening is an intermediate level of difficulty

Episode 5 Dancing Sun
Dancing Sun stimulates energy flow throughout the entire body and is a beautiful presentation of some the classic standing poses. Dancing Sun combines beginner and intermediate poses.

Episode 6 Half Moon
Half Moon is a challenging sequence with a combination of warrior poses and half moon balancing. Working with balance poses increases overall coordination and strength while informing physical grace.

Episode 7 Earth
Earth series begins kneeling and continues with floor poses that are both gentle and invigorating. This series builds core strength and spinal flexibility and is a slow gentle sequence appropriate for all practitioners.

Episode 8 Lotus Link
Feel your energy blossoming in this graceful flow of movement. Lotus begins as a standing series and moves gracefully through seated postures returning again to the standing Lotus and completion of the cycle. Shoulder strength and flexibility is required making this suitable for intermediate to advanced students

Episode 9 Water Light
Water light concentrates on increasing flexibility of the legs, back and shoulders. It is both calming and energizing for intermediate practitioners.

Episode 10 Revolved Triangle
This challenging sequence requires concentration, physical strength and balance. Although difficult, this sequence unfolds with elegance for the intermediate / advanced yogi.

Episode 11 Head to Knee
Head to Knee is the perfect yoga practice for distance runners. This sequence helps to relieve tension in the hips and calves and hamstrings. Standing poses are woven together with calming breath and deep stretches. The level of difficulty is intermediate.

Episode 12 Crane
The Crane series is one of the most challenging Namaste sequences. Both the standing and arm balances are to be practiced and learned slowly. The experienced student knows that progress and not perfection is the goal with Crane.

Episode 13 Riding the Wind
Riding the Wind is a very dynamic series that once learned is exhilarating and grounding at the same time. This series is advanced but all practitioners will benefit from an honest effort at learning this series.