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"Dynamic", "Inspiring", "Vinyasa", "Rooted in Tradition"... These are but a few of the ways Maya Yoga has been described over the years. A regular yoga practice can truly calm and quiet the mind and all its self-limiting tendencies. With Nicki Doane's Maya Yoga Vinyasa Fusion series, the combination of Asana (yogic postures) and Pranayama (conscious breathing) along with her unique focus on alignment, philosophy, and sense of humor, you can create a sustainable lifelong yoga practice. What makes Maya Yoga's series different from other yoga varieties is that balanced approach to core strength, the attention to detail and alignment, and the broader focus of finding a deep inner strength that supports everything we do. Flow through this Core Strength Flow Asana series with acclaimed instructor Nicki Doane, featuring a choice of a 20, 30, or 45-minute practice.

durasi : 95minutes