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With mastery of Ashtanga Yoga: Introductory Series, you have created the foundation for your personal practice. Now you can deepen the benefits of this renowned hatha yoga breathing system developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois with the next sequence of postures, the standing series. In Ashtanga Yoga: Beginner's Practice, acclaimed yoga instructor Nicki Doane takes you to the next level under the guidance of her teacher Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Amid the stunning beauty of her native Hawaii, Doane guides Sun Salutation A & B to set the rhythm of movement and breath - then adds Standing Forward Bends to lengthen the spine and connect with the breath; and Side Angle Bends to achieve balance and expand energy flow. Each time you practice, you'll strengthen your entire body while broadening self-awareness, building internal composure and beginning a new exploration of your own potential.

Yoga Journal's Ashtanga Yoga: Beginners Practice combines breathing and standing poses, including many repetitions of two different Sun Salutations, then various standing forward bends, and side angle bends for balance, flexibility, and strength. The pace of this 67-minute practice is slow, calming, and physically challenging. Remarkably fluid and flexible instructor Nicki Doane explains clearly and in detail how to do each pose and integrate the breathing. Although called a "beginners practice," true beginners will find it challenging, and no modifications are demonstrated for the less flexible, although of course you are instructed to stay at your own level. Recommended as your second stage after mastering Yoga Journal's Ashtanga Yoga introductory series. The Hawaiian setting of this beautifully produced video is gorgeous and serene. --Joan Price