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Dapat dipakai untuk slimming badan dan wajah.

Komposisi nya efektif banget untuk menghilangkan lemak.

Reposted from @curenex_official "Facial contouring with Curenex_Lipo"

CURENEX_LIPO is a special lipolysis solution developed for the purpose of making facial & body contours slim.

Mechanism of Curenex_Lipo 

Step 1. Lipolysis effect

Fucus Vesiculosus and Cynara Scolymus Artichoke increase the metabolism and the elimination of the fatty acid activating their combustion cycle. The fat cells are transported to the liver and metabolized through the bloodstream in a natural way.

Step 2. Blood circulation improvement

Horse chestnut enhances the function of the capillaries, and increases the tension of the venous blood vessel walls and the flow of the venous blood. It also removes the congestion of the peripheral blood flow. It improves various blood circulation disorders because it takes actions to stimulate blood, increase perfusion and increase blood flow of peripheral blood vessels.

Step 3. Skin firming

Fumaria Officinalis Flower, Leaf, and Stem Extract stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity.