CURENEX Daily skinbooster 30ml

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Skinbooster Harian pemakaian oles, untuk memperbaiki kondisi kulit. Tanpa jarum Dan tanpa procedure panjang.
Dikhususkan untuk usia 25+
Dengan kandungan
- Glutathione
- Pdrn salmon
- HA
- Collagen
- 15multipeptides
Yang dikemas botol untuk Pemakaian Harian selama 3bulan.

Self skin booster treatment at home with curenex.
- Salmon DNA regenerates tissue by activating micro vessels and activates fibroblasts to help produce collagen.
- Peptide complex makes up elastin fibers, also a type of protein.
- Glutathione removes free radical and inhibits the activity of the ingredients that make melanin pigments.
- Collagen improves skin elasticity by stimulating cells that produce new skin tissue.
- Hyaluronic acid has restorative abilities and can boost skin moisture content, soothe, and defend against dry skin.